Saturday, June 27, 2009

Printshop Automation Real

Printshop automation was the theme at the CPrint(r) International World Conference in Indianapolis. With experts such as Julie Shaffer of Printing Industries of America's Digital Print Council and Patrick Ruebensaal of Xpedx, CPrinters learned that automation is a reality right now and even the smallest shop can take advantage of the technology out there.

Joe Urback, production manager, PressTech, Des Plains, IL, described how his company is doing more than $2 million in sales with 9 employees -- all because of automation.

Any printer can start automating his or her print shop today. Most digital printers have hot folders and imposition programs to automate common tasks. Enfocus and Adobe provide software to automatically correct PDF files with a push of the button so they will print properly. Workflow systems link all the tasks together for a seamless workflow.

What do you have to do? Learn about PDF files. Know the common problems and how to fix them. Delve deeper in the software you have and learn how to use it. Look at your work and identify what your standard work is. Automate your shop to produce standard work more easily.

It takes time to learn and owners will have make time for their employees to learn it. You can't just say "Automate my workflow." You have to commit time and a few dollars, but it will work. The time you save will translate into higher margins and more wiggle room when negotiating price.

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