Tuesday, August 30, 2011

QR Codes and Wide Format

If you are a printer doing wide format and signs, you might want to think about the different ways businesses are using QR codes. I have seen a number of point-of-purchase displays featuring QR codes to direct customers to online information. It could be a money maker for you.

Not sure what the value is for this type of service? You will want to visit http://www.Mobilinkpro.com. The online service creates signs with QR codes for customers. One of their major markets is real estate. The website offers a set of three generic real estate rider sign for $39 for a set and a set of 10 for $99. It also offers generic window cling signs for the same price. For an additional price, a person can order relinkable QR codes.

Just think about the number of businesses that need a QR code to send customers to sign up to follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Teach Customers About QR Codes

If you are having trouble explaining the power of QR codes to your customers, you will want to add this video to your presentation and your YouTube site.

This video shows the big growth in QR code use and why it is important in today’s culture. You will want to promote the video on your website, Facebook page as well as tweet about it to your followers. To view the video, click here.

Friday, August 19, 2011

PDF Editing Help Online

Ever have a questions about how to do something with a PDF file? A new web-based resource from Planet PDF will answer specific question about using PDF files.

The website provides answers about how to perform certain tasks, how to fix annoying problems or even which tools your peers recommend for your PDF-related projects. According to the creators, the primary goal behind the Planet PDF Q&A platform is to get the best possible answers to every answerable PDF question out there.

The prepress department in your shop will want to bookmark http://qa.planetpdf.com/.

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Cure For Summertime Blues

Is the summer a bad time for printers? Over the years I have heard that July and December were down months. Printers could expect to see their sales plummet twice a year as print buyers took vacation or enjoyed the holidays.

That sounds logical, but the more printers I meet the more I begin to think this is just an urban myth. I am finding there are printers have smoothed out the roller coaster sales ride by constantly working on increasing sales. They don’t stop their sales activities when they get busy with printing. They keep making sales calls. They use the same tools and technology they are selling to customers to improve their own sales.

The new products and services driving successful print companies relate to helping customers get more leads. QR codes, websites, variable data printing, mobile marketing, mailing, Personal URLs, ebroadcasts, and social media are tools that help send a targeted message meant to improve a brand and create interest in a company. The successful printers use these tools to get more of their own leads and to demonstrate how the tools can help their customers.
Buying doesn’t stop in the summer and neither should selling activities. Most printing customers don’t shut their businesses down in the summer. The reality is that it isn’t customers who stop buying in the summer. The printer stops selling. Vacations, longer days and warm weather can change a company’s focus and lazy summer days become lazy selling days.

Print companies must continue their selling activities every day. They need to be touching customers in some way constantly so they will be the first printer a customer thinks about when they want to order something.

For a print shop to be successful, they have to develop a sales funnel to keep touching the customers. With websites, e-newsletters, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., printers can easily keep an ongoing dialog with their customers year round. They just got to do it.
No printer should be slow in the summer. They should be busy touching customers, making sales calls and asking for the order.