Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Position: Same Objective

As most people know, I accepted a position with CPrint® International, a franchise that works with existing printing companies and helps them prosper. The printer retains his or her company name but uses the business and marketing model Tom Crouser has developed over the past 30 years. Crouser & Associates were one of my biggest clients over the years. They always adopted my suggestions that enabled their clients to stay on the cutting edge, so it is fun to be working as a consultant and technology director for an organization that is forward thinking.

The move has allowed me to expand my knowledge and I'm getting an education in the financial side of the business. Now I'm able to put financial information together with sales, marketing and production. To me, this is an exciting time to be in business.

What is unique about CPrint® International is that it monitors the success of the individual shops. The affiliates are working toward a 2:1 current ratio, sales growth of 15 percent over a 3 year period and 20 percent income before owners compensation. Those are tough goals to meet, but when a company does hit those numbers they really begin to make money and enjoy life.

As technology director, I'll be working with the affliates on new techniques and procedures to improve production and sales. From websites to workflows, I'll be helping to make the printing buying experience easier for the customer and more profitable for the printer.

I'll still be writing for Quick Printing magazine and other publications. I'll still be writing and selling books such as 12 Secrets for Digital Success and The DTP Pricelist to help printers undertand the changing print environment. I'll also be available to select speaking engagements and customized digital audits. I'll be sharing the knowledge I'm getting with CPrint through this site and other outlets.

But all in all, I made the change because it is fun. The CPrint staff is excellent to work with and the CPrint affiliates are typically market leaders in their local community. It is great to see printers succeed and meet their goals. As an independent consultant, it was disheartening when a client doesn't implement your suggestions. With CPrint®, I am developing a deeper, long-term relationship that shows how the industry is changing....for the good.

So if you do have questions, comments or concerns, just contact me at john@cprint.org or john@johngiles.com. I'll be looking forward to hearing from you.

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