Thursday, May 5, 2011

Don't Forget Designing for Mobile Phones

Your Internet site isn’t just for the computer anymore. More people are accessing websites through their mobile phones. This means you and your customers will need to create a mobile-friendly alternative to your primary website so the smartphone user can have a better experience.

You may need to get together with your website developer and create a mobile website. It does require changes in layout, design and construction. This means the most important information will have to be at the top of the page. You will want to minimize left/right navigation and arrange content in a single column.
Content will have to be easy to read and navigate. You can select what information you want from your regular website to be displayed on your mobile site. You want to help the user keep from zooming around.

Coding really isn’t that different but most mobile websites are created in either XML or XHTML code. Images are using jpeg, gif or png since they are usually smaller files. Some sites let the user browse with the images turned off. Page size for a mobile page is only Kb, You should keep the Kb small since some users are charned per KB of mobile web data. The maximum page size is 20 Kb, but you should shoot for 10 Kb. Experts say a good mobile website design provides back buttons and links. It is difficult to get around on a mobile phone so avoid dead ends. Make sure all pages are linked to other pages. 

QR Codes and Microsoft Tags are a great way of pushing eyes to your new mobile site. Make sure you are printing QR Codes or Microsoft Tags on all of your marketing material so customers can easily find your mobile phone site.

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