Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Truth About Print and the Environment

Printers are battling the misconceptions that printing is bad for the environment. A Youtube.com video from Millcraft Paper provides some very powerful information to raise awareness about the business and environmental benefits of print as an effective marketing communications channel. The campaign aims to dispel the myths and misperceptions that paper and print marketing campaigns are harmful to the environment. Paper and print provide a sustainable means of communication and are an effective medium in a multi-channel marketing campaign.

Besides using the facts raised in the video in your sales presentations, you can also combine the video with a QR code to promote the fact you are “green.” We’re learning that videos have a tremendous impact with used with mobile marketing. The QR code could be included in your newsletter and on post cards.

You can find out more about the “Do you know the facts?” campaign at http://doyouknowthefacts.com/. You can view the Youtube video at http://tinyurl.com/23e4w86.

The topic would also be a good excuse to contact your local environment reporter for the local newspaper. The video raises interesting facts that would make for an interesting news story for the general public. The local reporter could use the facts and interview you for the local angle.

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  1. Thanks for the mention John. You are dead on about the combination of QR codes, in fact in our print ad promting the campaign we couple it with a QR code - if you'd like I cans end you the jpg of the ad and how we used the QR code to direct people to www.doyouknowthefacts.com

    Jill D.
    Millcraft Paper