Saturday, January 15, 2011

Can You Create an Ebook?

If you are a printer, do you know all the ways a customer will be using the information you print for them? There are more communication channels that print and you might be able to reformat and repurpose the same information for other uses and make more money on the job.

If you use InDesign 4 or above, you can save files so they can be read by ebook readers. Adobe offers step-by-step instructions for setting up ebook documents and exporting the file into the open EPUB ebook format. This format can be read on desktop reading applications, smartphones, and dedicated reading devices. You can learn how to do the formatting by visiting

Even the big printers know they have to deal with other communication channels by reformatting their work. Quad/Graphics just announced it is getting into the Apple software business. With the Quad/Graphics Digital Edition platform magazines, catalogs and retail advertising can now be published for the Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. According to the company, the solution gives Quad/Graphics' clients the ability to distribute content by print and mail, digital edition and branded Apple apps.

Quad/Graphics will provide its customers with a client-branded iPad application, developed by ePublishing partner YUDU Media. These apps are made available online at the Apple store, where the printer's clients can offer them for free or set their own sale price.

I expect to see these type of services available for quick and small commercial printers in the future.

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