Tuesday, November 9, 2010

QR Codes Getting Bigger

If you are looking for something to give you a little credibility with the customer about how big QR codes and mobile marketing is becoming then you will want to check out Google and YouTube.
Google began using QR codes to promote its Local Business service. Google mailed out window stickers with two-dimensional QR codes to the most-searched for or clicked-on businesses in its local business directory. These stickers were sent to more than 100,000 local businesses around the country.
Anyone passing by is able to scan the code and get the Google Mobile local directory page for the Favorite Places. The directory pages generally include a map, a phone number, directions, the address, reviews, and a link to the business’ Web site. Local businesses can also set up coupon offers through their Google directory page, which would turn the QR code into a mobile coupon. Google hopes that consumers who are standing at a store window might be enticed to come in and take advantage of a special offer.

QR codes are going mainstream. A QR code was one of the clues on an episode of CSI New York. The actual scene where the QR code is found and scanned is available on YouTube.com. Just search for "CSI New York QR code." The actor explains what a QR code and demonstrates how to use it with a smartphone. You'll see a little TV magic when the website immediately displays on the smartphone screen, but it does get the point across.

You may not get a lot of customers to bite at using QR codes on their printed material, but it sure does give you a good reason to get out and make a sales call.


  1. I noticed a QR Code billboard in the Denver airport the other day. Interesting thing was, when I posted it to my blog, others were able to grab the QR Code directly from the computer screen to download their free book. There is a very interesting viral aspect to the technology as well...

  2. We posted a large QR Code (our website) in our lobby. Customers would win a prize if they could identify that it was a QR Code. Very few could. Most were looking for a hidden picture. It created some buzz and allowed us to promote the idea of adding a QR Code to all of their printed material.

  3. QR codes are really a short cut to know about anything in the world of business I like them just to get the ideas what are they doing and where .. its really nice thing to share the information. even though you can see many custom stickers printed with their specified company's QR code and they are another way to advertise anywhere.